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Located on the ground floor of Little Angels Day Nursery is our 2-3 Room. As a young child grows and develops so does their abilities and curiosity. This bright and spacious room supports the inquisitiveness of little minds, providing interesting and stimulating displays and activities.

The 2-3 Room promotes choice and the children’s growing independence at this age. We closely follow the Development Matters to ensure each area of learning is met through a wide variety of activities.


Our Nursery

Learning Through Play

At Little Angels Day Nursery we support children’s learning thought a variety of play activities that caters to their developing physical and communication skills. We also allow for the children to explore their own individual personalities and interests, utilising the style of free play. This gives the children the freedom to move between activities, or even just sit quietly with a member of staff reading a book or singing songs.

In the 2-3 Room there is a cost book corner to share a quiet story, a home corner with real objects to promote imaginative play and a selection of construction toys to encourage building towers. Toy boxes are easily accessible for the children to inspire them to make choices and initiate their own independence.

This ethos is also carried forward during snack and mealtimes. Lunches are prepared in dishes and children can serve themselves, a task we have found invaluable for the children. Every day the children are given the opportunity to explore the outdoors.

Our Nursery

Supporting SelfCare

As children get older it’s important, they learn the skills of self-care and at Little Angels Day Nursery, we take the time to teach and support these daily tasks.

This includes washing and drying hands before and after food, washing hands after being outside and tidying away our personal items like coats and outside shoes.

Helping young children foster independence takes patience and our nursery practitioners have this is an abundance. They understand that each child requires different levels of support carrying out these daily routines.

Our Nursery

Staying Connected

Every child is assigned a key worker, this person will be your main point of contact for all your child’s needs, including if there are any changes in their routines. Your child’s key worker will also communicate with you via our Famly app, providing twice daily updates with photographs. The app also allows for parents and carers to add comments or interactions of their own that they wish to update us with.

The Famly App gives parents and carers information on child’s mealtimes, skills practiced and any interests from that day.

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Preparing For Your Child To Start

We understand it’s a big step to have your child start nursery. At Little Angels we offer everyone 3 free settles in sessions, designed to help your little one familiarises themselves with their new surroundings. However, we recognise that every child is different and will all settle in at different paces, and therefore offer families as many settle in sessions as needed. We will take the time to discuss this with you following your child’s first settle in session.

Our settle in sessions are available to families once all the paperwork is signed and the deposit is paid. We host these sessions once in the morning 9am – 11am and once in the afternoon 2pm – 3pm. We ask parents or carers to stay for the first session and give them the option to stay or pop out for follow up sessions.

Our Nursery

What You Need To Know

At Little Angels Day Nursery we ask that you let us know of any dietary requirements for your child and we will ensure these are catered for.

Parents and carers are asked to provide nappies, wipes where required and a couple of changes of clothes (including pants for potty training little ones!) in a named bag. During the warmer months we ask you to include named suncream and a sunhat, in the colder months please provide a raincoat, hat, gloves and we also suggest wellingtons. You may also want to send your child in with their favourite stuff toy or blanket for sleep times.

Please note that spaces at Little Angels are available at a two-day minimum per week.

If you have any other questions, you can visit our FAQ’s page. For information on pricing or nutrition please click below.